Minggu, 23 Februari 2014

Disclaimer: This is written based on the observations of 24 years old girl who's not even a parent. This is only what she wished parents understand a little bit more about their children. So, no offense.

  • I may not be a parent. But if I could give a tips, I would tell that they can't make children do what they want them to do when they are adults
  • Even worse, parents shouldn't tell adults how to work on something exactly their own way. The process is children's authority. Better for parents to just enjoy the result
  • I may not be a parent today. But I believe children deserve to make choices with their own life. They're not robots. They are growing as adult
  • I may not be a parent. But if I could tell, even when parents think they know what's the very best for their children, reconsider. Discuss with them, most importantly, listen to them
  • I may not be parent. But I believe adults don't need bosses at home. They need parents to be their best friends. Even when they are against them
  • I may  not be a parent. But I know parents afford the best education and environment for the children so that they'll become open-minded. Be prepared, because parents should be open-minded on them as well
  • I may not be a parent. But I heard that parents want to grow together and learn everything with their children. Well, in some point, children just want to grow and learn things by them selves. So that one day, they could come home and make their parents proud. 

Children love parents, and parents love children. Always, and we all know it.
Sometimes, parents just worry too much make the children shut down.


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