Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

This November, I'm officially 22.
I am blessed with so much personal accomplishment.

I've started my new career, by joining myself as an Account Executive at Stratcom Indonesia.
Stratcom is a PR consultant , part of Indopacific Edelman, which is the company I've been imagining stepping in there since I was still a newly innocent student in UI. Here I am, enjoying my job now :)

I am no longer having bad dreams at nights.
No more past popping on my days
I live my life so much happier and lighter than before

I am still dancing. No can do, giving up the dance for career.
I'm trying to keep it balance between dance and career. It is so hard, and it's getting so much harder.
But I still remember when I had this serious talk with my best friend, Dinda Sarasannisa, through BBM.
She asked me "What would you do on your future Ga?"
I answered her spontaneously "Gue mau berkarier dan berkesenian Ndat".
This is the truth : I've never seriously thinking about what I would do on my future before. And when you asked me this, I just said what was the first thing popped on my mind. And now, I found out it's true.
I seriously do want to keep everything in balance. Thank you for inspiring me, Ndat :p

I also just had a super happy short holiday with my family.
it's been a quite a long time since we've had our family holiday just the four of us.
Dad, Mom, Kak Dim, and me had 4 days in Singapore.
This was undoubtedly the best way to refresh my mind before I let my self drowning in working-hours :p

In short, I watch myself on a great path
I'm grateful with what I am, what I do, and what I have.
I'm grateful being surrounded by great family, great friends, great work partners.
I am better than yesterday :)

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