Rabu, 22 Agustus 2012

There's a time for each purpose under heaven. There's a time to weep, there's a time to mourn, and there's a time to dance - Footloose (2011)
People keep asking why I love dancing. What is it so special in dance?
I remembered my friend compared dance and football. He said “apa enaknya sih nari? Misalnya kalo gue main bola, begitu berhasil ngebobolin ke gawang rasanya kan jelas tuh enaknya, puas banget. Kalo nari apa?”

Here are my statements of what matters in dancing :
1.   I can completely be myself 
2.   I don’t have to care other damn things but the dance
3.   When it’s too hard communicate  my deep feelings, dance it and all around will notice
4.   Dance shows who you are 
5.   There is no right or wrong in dance, it’s just whether it looks good or not good to people 
6.   In choreography, when I can do it right, it feels like something is accomplished  
7.   I only feel pretty when I dance
8.   Dance give me lessons, as in I often realize things while dancing
9.   The feel of togetherness is inevitable. I won't feel alone.
10. Dancing delivers the most delightful feeling

I happened to randomly find an interesting article entitled “TheSecond Time You Fall in Love” and in fact, it was an honest and fine opinion.

But most people maybe experience more than that. If there is a second time of us falling in love, then there might also be a second time of us get a heartbreak.

In response, here I am writing my version of The Second time You Get A Heartbreak.

The first time you get a heartbreak, the world seems like shutting down. No, it’s only you who shut down. You hardly have proper sleep, bad dreams are haunted, you spend your days keep on wondering all those “why” questions. Soo not easy to make you feel happy while all you ever wanted is being happy with the one that left you.

Then you finally come to a turning point. Here he/she is, your second–time-fall-in-love-guy.
All those feelings written in the article is undoubtedly true, I guess.

But then as what happens in life. There comes the problems, fights, doubts, cries. What seems to be so easy at the beginning, turns into tough times.

Then you get your second heartbreak. This time, you are no more crying and suffering all nights. You are no more pushing yourself to get the answers of those “why’ questions. You just lost.

For a while, you can’t differentiate what is truth and lies.. You don’t trust. You don’t get mad. You don’t blame anyone neither yourself. You don’t have the guts to be in any relationships. You don’t need anyone cheering you up. You fed up hearing those sad songs. You lost for a while.

What you know is, you need to get other ways of happiness for yourself before you shut down.

But life running in circles. There will be times when everything will be back okay.

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