Minggu, 23 Februari 2014

Disclaimer: This is written based on the observations of 24 years old girl who's not even a parent. This is only what she wished parents understand a little bit more about their children. So, no offense.

  • I may not be a parent. But if I could give a tips, I would tell that they can't make children do what they want them to do when they are adults
  • Even worse, parents shouldn't tell adults how to work on something exactly their own way. The process is children's authority. Better for parents to just enjoy the result
  • I may not be a parent today. But I believe children deserve to make choices with their own life. They're not robots. They are growing as adult
  • I may not be a parent. But if I could tell, even when parents think they know what's the very best for their children, reconsider. Discuss with them, most importantly, listen to them
  • I may not be parent. But I believe adults don't need bosses at home. They need parents to be their best friends. Even when they are against them
  • I may  not be a parent. But I know parents afford the best education and environment for the children so that they'll become open-minded. Be prepared, because parents should be open-minded on them as well
  • I may not be a parent. But I heard that parents want to grow together and learn everything with their children. Well, in some point, children just want to grow and learn things by them selves. So that one day, they could come home and make their parents proud. 

Children love parents, and parents love children. Always, and we all know it.
Sometimes, parents just worry too much make the children shut down.

Minggu, 22 Desember 2013

We all have dreams.
Since we were kids, we are all taught by our parents, teachers, or family to have a dream, so that we have something to hold on, something to achieve. Some are lucky enough to have a chance to work on their dreams on their own way, and turn them into reality.

A girl named Lana loved singing. She was a great singer with amazing voice. There were so many unwritten songs that could be sung perfectly by her. Someday, he married a guy and had kids, since then she wasn't able to continue singing.

A girl named Luna loved dancing. She was very talented as a dancer while she was young. There was so much to explore on her talent. Someday, her parents told her to stop because they believe dancing might led to some unhealthy midnight life.

A girl named Lina loved painting.She effortlessly created wonderful paintings with her hands. She always put her heart on the painting. Someday, she was offered by other career opportunity and everybody told her to take the job and leave the paintings behind.

They all had dreams. They all had something they love and would work their ass of on it. They all had something they could really put their heart on.

The thing is,
I never really understand..
Why we (especially women) are taught to have a dream while at the end when we grow up we are asked to give it up?

Why can't people let others live their own dreams?

Senin, 29 April 2013

Today is world dance day. Every year, Solo city celebrates this day by running "Solo Menari 24 Jam", where hundreds and even thousands of dancers are dancing in the city for 24 hours. It's one of the event I really wish I could come and join in. It such a heaven on earth for one day for dancers and artists.

Too bad, this year when most of my beloved DLDC team are performing there, I couldn't join due to some work. *poor me*. They must be doing great there, though. Thus, I'll celebrate this holly dance day by writing my gratitude on what dance has given me this whole time.
  • Thank you dance, for teaching me genuinely being honest to myself
  • Thank you dance, for asking me to stay on the ground when I try to jump off away
  • Thank you dance, for being the most understanding thing even in my saddest moments
  • Thank you dance, for showing me that there are still so many good and humble people around
  • Thank you dance, for taking me to amazing places
  • Thank you dance, for showing me beauty
  • Thank you dance, for making me healthy
  • Thank you dance, for shaping my body
  • Thank you dance, for teaching me how to look deep inside to what I really need and what I really want
  • Thank you dance, for keep teaching me how to believe myself
  • Thank you dance, for being a sweet reminder when forget to appreciate what I have
  • Thank you dance, for making me feel happy about myself. I barely hate myself when I dance
  • Thank you dance, for teaching me the difference between real and fake
  • Thank you dance, for giving me some more heart to feel (oh yes, some people used to told me I'm heartless)
  • Thank you dance, for introducing me to a simple, humble, and loving family
  • Thank you dance, for giving me challenges and the trust to handle them all
  • Thank you dance, for speaking to me when I mess things up
  • Thank you dance, for letting me speak when no words can come out
  • Thank you dance, for giving me chances to make my dreams come true
  • Thank you dance, for so easily giving me happiness I can never find in any other things
The time I started actively dancing was the time I started to love myself, to know what I want to do, to finally have something that worth the fights, the tears, and the pains. Because at the end, I know dance will always give me more than I expected.

How could I ever leave the dance, then?

Happy world dance day, people!

Minggu, 06 Januari 2013

Happy new year! so many hopes and dreams I would like to make in this year.
But rather than listing down those to-do-list in 2013 I'd prefer looking back to what experiences I've had in the growing-up-2012-year.

Meeting Monang. Starting as a couple. Definitely, there was no better way than this to start the year.
Hello Mister!

Went to a short trip in Bandung with mister and some friends. Caught up a new cute place at Stevie G, Maja House.

Had a fun and silly two-days trip to Bandung with best friends. We actually went there to watch Kahitna and Rick price in concert but the silly times we had after the concert was much more remarkable :)

Full of work and dance rehearsal. One of them was an event at Mall Taman Anggrek that provide car simulator with real Jakarta street to ride. What an advanced technology. This warn me that I do really need to improve my driving skill.

I luckily had the chance joining DLDC to a week tour in Vietnam. We went there performing a masterpiece, "Perempuan Lala" in Vin Long, Bin Phuoc, Dong Nai and of course Ho Ci Minh. The story was inspired by a novel of Pramoedya Ananta Toer entitled "Gadis Pantai". We collaborated with the best dance community in Sumbawa, Sanggar Nyer Nyer to perform some pieces of Sumbawa traditional dance
Before going to Vietnam, we performed the piece in Jakarta. So glad that my best friends, family, and mister come to watch us!
Perempuan Lala become my first time having a duet scene. The dance was Challenging, while the tour was exciting. It was one of my best moment to remember for a lifetime :)
Stand for DLDC
Perempuan Lala performance - Jakarta
After performance at Ho Ci Minh

Mister and me went to my favorite stand up comedian special show. The night after was our fifth month anniversary and for the first time he gave me flowers, haha, and cute bottle filled with colored light bubble he made by himself. What a lovely night :)

Brought some beauty editors to pleasant trip to Hotel Padma Bandung for work. I love the Hotel, I lovveeee the scenery with those trees and hills, I love the cold weather. Too bad I didn't have the pictures. Looking forward to be there free from work hihi.
Lunch at Maxi's resto
Me, Mba Ulfa, and Mba Iti at Dinner

This month was full of break fasting gatherings and  heart breaking phase :p. At the end of the month I went to Medan for the first time, again for some work. I gotta to be there again!
With high school friends
Welcoming Sasa back home to Sentul
With friends from work and media
This month was full of fun times. First, Time and me had s short holiday to my favorite city, Solo to watch Matah Ati and of course got as many Shijack milk as I could. Second, our office had a three days outing in Bali whilst having new identity. Third, attending my best friend's wedding. She was my first closest friend who got married.
BEST fresh milk
Team bonding & water sport

Dinner at the beach
Happy for Ichy & Randy

I went to Jogja with some journalist for work. After 2 hours delayed, this Lion let us stood at the back of the plane because we weren't get the right seat numbers :(.

Happy 23rd birthday, Ega! Mister and me share the same birthday. I already told everything in the previous post about this :)
Happy 23!

December -
A great way to end this year? of course by having one of my dream came true. Five years ago, when i was a senior high school student, I watched Javanese dance performed by DLDC and I was enchanted back then. This year, DLDC had another Javanese masterpiece called "Banowati, Jalingan Golek". Luckily I participated on the piece and let some senior high school students watch me. What a dream came true :)

at the backstage
Banowati, Jalingan Golek - GKJ, 1-2 Dec 2012
friends came supporting me :)

That was my story of 2012. I had lots of fun but also lots of lessons for reason to grow up.
2012 pretty much inspired me to be much better. I made my dreams came true, and the best part is that  I will be able to create and put new hopes and dreams into reality in 2013 :)

Minggu, 23 Desember 2012

I had officially turned 23 this November.

And the special part was, this year I shared my very special day with my beloved boyfriend.
Yes. He and me was born on the same date, November 23.

Was I having a good time? definitely yes.

Ka Dim and Me
In the morning, as usual family and me shared some delicious cakes,
In the afternoon, I shared some donuts with friends at work.

In the evening, he picked me up after office to have our birthday dinner date
Who got to pay the dinner when both of us were the king and queen of the day? No one.
Haha, after fighting with the heavy rain and the crazy traffic on Friday night
We chose a steak house where everyone who is on his/ her birthday eats for free.

Coming back to home, we both got our birthday gifts.
and I got the extra gift from him

Isn't it cute having room decorated like this? :) I got very surprised seeing my room was full of orange balloons all over the place.
and there was a big happy birthday picture made by him lying in my bed.

Funny, how like a week before he told me he doesn't give surprises
Yet he surprised me unexpectedly.
Meanwhile I only gave him my unsurprised gifts. Haha.

Thank you, Mister for still being here giving me comfort, care, and contentment.
Looking forward for our more birthday dates :)

Rabu, 22 Agustus 2012

There's a time for each purpose under heaven. There's a time to weep, there's a time to mourn, and there's a time to dance - Footloose (2011)
People keep asking why I love dancing. What is it so special in dance?
I remembered my friend compared dance and football. He said “apa enaknya sih nari? Misalnya kalo gue main bola, begitu berhasil ngebobolin ke gawang rasanya kan jelas tuh enaknya, puas banget. Kalo nari apa?”

Here are my statements of what matters in dancing :
1.   I can completely be myself 
2.   I don’t have to care other damn things but the dance
3.   When it’s too hard communicate  my deep feelings, dance it and all around will notice
4.   Dance shows who you are 
5.   There is no right or wrong in dance, it’s just whether it looks good or not good to people 
6.   In choreography, when I can do it right, it feels like something is accomplished  
7.   I only feel pretty when I dance
8.   Dance give me lessons, as in I often realize things while dancing
9.   The feel of togetherness is inevitable. I won't feel alone.
10. Dancing delivers the most delightful feeling

I happened to randomly find an interesting article entitled “TheSecond Time You Fall in Love” and in fact, it was an honest and fine opinion.

But most people maybe experience more than that. If there is a second time of us falling in love, then there might also be a second time of us get a heartbreak.

In response, here I am writing my version of The Second time You Get A Heartbreak.

The first time you get a heartbreak, the world seems like shutting down. No, it’s only you who shut down. You hardly have proper sleep, bad dreams are haunted, you spend your days keep on wondering all those “why” questions. Soo not easy to make you feel happy while all you ever wanted is being happy with the one that left you.

Then you finally come to a turning point. Here he/she is, your second–time-fall-in-love-guy.
All those feelings written in the article is undoubtedly true, I guess.

But then as what happens in life. There comes the problems, fights, doubts, cries. What seems to be so easy at the beginning, turns into tough times.

Then you get your second heartbreak. This time, you are no more crying and suffering all nights. You are no more pushing yourself to get the answers of those “why’ questions. You just lost.

For a while, you can’t differentiate what is truth and lies.. You don’t trust. You don’t get mad. You don’t blame anyone neither yourself. You don’t have the guts to be in any relationships. You don’t need anyone cheering you up. You fed up hearing those sad songs. You lost for a while.

What you know is, you need to get other ways of happiness for yourself before you shut down.

But life running in circles. There will be times when everything will be back okay.

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