Minggu, 23 Desember 2012

I had officially turned 23 this November.

And the special part was, this year I shared my very special day with my beloved boyfriend.
Yes. He and me was born on the same date, November 23.

Was I having a good time? definitely yes.

Ka Dim and Me
In the morning, as usual family and me shared some delicious cakes,
In the afternoon, I shared some donuts with friends at work.

In the evening, he picked me up after office to have our birthday dinner date
Who got to pay the dinner when both of us were the king and queen of the day? No one.
Haha, after fighting with the heavy rain and the crazy traffic on Friday night
We chose a steak house where everyone who is on his/ her birthday eats for free.

Coming back to home, we both got our birthday gifts.
and I got the extra gift from him

Isn't it cute having room decorated like this? :) I got very surprised seeing my room was full of orange balloons all over the place.
and there was a big happy birthday picture made by him lying in my bed.

Funny, how like a week before he told me he doesn't give surprises
Yet he surprised me unexpectedly.
Meanwhile I only gave him my unsurprised gifts. Haha.

Thank you, Mister for still being here giving me comfort, care, and contentment.
Looking forward for our more birthday dates :)


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