Kamis, 22 September 2011

Yang ulang taun, yang mau nembak, yang ngerayain anniversary, yang ngasih selamat atas prestasi, yang minta maaf.. semuanya bisa dilakuin dengan cara kasih bunga.
Is that true that "flowers never fail"?

Buat para lelaki yg doyan unyuk2 dengan memberikan bunga untuk temennya, gebetannya, pacarnya, istrinya, adeknya, ibunya, atau neneknya..
I'd lake to share you guys advice, based only on my own experiences, about thing you need to make sure before giving your beloved ones some flowers..

Ternyata, gue baru menyadari, what excites me the most is the fragrance.
It doesn't really matter what flower it is, what color it is, or how many flowers there are. Because when the flower gives good good good smell , well then your effort works!

Gue ga tau, gue doang atau emang rata-rata cewek begitu dikasih bunga, diam-diam akan menciumi wanginya. Tapi yang pasti, siapa sih yang ngga seneng bunga pemberiannya disimpen di kamaarr.. so when your beloved ones wake up in the morning she can smell a good good and becalming fragrance comes out from your flower? ;)

Soo.. Don't just buy any random flowers for your beloved ones. Kindly make sure the fragrance works out! :)

Selasa, 06 September 2011

Idul fitri is the one moment of the year when my family and I gather in our house, when we all spend our memorable holiday
This year we still had the same activities with last year
We still had the same food, same people visited us, same places to go
But I didn't feel like it was still the same.

Because she wasn't sat on that couch watching those bollywood movies
Because she wasn't wearing her beautiful match-colored clothes with her smell I remembered so strongly
Because she wasn't walking around with a stick she held on her hand
Because she wasn't asking me to sit next to her telling all those stories I've heard thousand times
Because she wasn't here, and she won't be here anymore
She already had a better place to stay, close to her husband, in heaven.

I love you, Nek.. I Love you so much.
I just never told you that.
If only I know that last year was the last time we met, I would have hold you as long as I could until your smell lingered on me.

You are the most respected, kind, caring and loving woman I've known.
Every single person in your life loves you.
We all so sad you've left. But we know your love never leave us alone. So do our love for you.

Please keep her happy close to you, God.
She deserved Your happiness, with grand father too.

I love you so much Nenek Bunda. :')


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